Grass Heads

Grass heads are fun and easy to make.

What you need:-

Stockings ( large size) – one pair of stockings can make 6 grass heads

Grass seeds


Decorations materials such as eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, glue

Paper cup


How to make a grass head:-

Cut a stocking leg into 3 strips. Take one strip and tie a knot at one end. Place a handful of seeds into the stocking. Add a scoop of soil to make round ball. Let an Educator add the soil so child not inhaling dust. Tie the stocking. Place onto cup so can decorate easily. Add eyes, pipe cleaner for moustache, felt for hat etc. Make sure that seed end of grass head is at the top otherwise you will be growing a beard. To add a nose pinch the stocking and tie with rubber band. Water daily.


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